Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donor Update part II

Here is the update from the clinic:

The size of these 10 follicles is optimal around 16 mm. There are 5 follicles, which are smaller, so it is hard to say, if there will be mature eggs. Maybe the number of retrieved eggs will be higher than 10, we will see on Thursday.

Our room at Penzion Uno
I started my lovenox shot tonight and my steroids in anticipation of the intralipid infusion in the morning. Then after that I meet the doctor and do and ultrasound and blood work.

Today was fun but exhausting. We hired a guide to drive us from Budapest to Zlin and to stop at towns a long the way. We were in three different countries in one day. As an American, that just amazes me

We made it to Zlin at about 6pm. We quickly checked into our room and headed downstairs for dinner. Happily, a couple sitting next to us introduced themselves and we struck up a conversation. They are cycling here too from the States. They had already been to the clinic a few times so filled us in on how everything works.  Hopefully with all the anxiety, I will be able to get some sleep because I am so tired. Below is a picture of our room.

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