Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet Our Donor

We are 7 weeks away from our transfer date.  Things are getting all too real.  I am equally excited and terrified. 

Here is our donor profile.  Ryan and I are really pleased with our match.  In the Czech Republic there is something called the anonymous law which means we will never see a picture or meet our donor.  The following statistics is all we will ever have.  When we were deciding between the CZ and the US as to where to cycle next we knew that we would never see a picture of the donor.  At the end of the day, we preferred this option.  The files you see in the US are pages and pages long and you see several pictures of the donor.  I was afraid that once I have a child that I would see that donor in them.  Without seeing a donor pic, it’s more like reading a good book, I can hold on to this perfect idea in my head of what the donor looks like but I won’t see her actual face.

Here is our donor profile:

  • Our donor is a 23
  • blue eyes
  • brown hair
  • 165 cm tall (5’4”)
  • weight is 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • blood type is A+ (the same as mine)
  • She is a bachelor - graduated midwife.
  • She is currently about to get her masters.
  • She is described as fit and slim and loves sports, especially tennis and volleyball.
  • She is proven, it means, that she donated successfully once before.
  • She is very responsible, nice, intelligent and communication with her is excellent.
Thanks for Reading,