Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clinic Day 1

Well after months and months of planning, today we finally stepped foot into our clinic. It is called IVF Zlin.

The morning started off super frantic. We had asked the hotel to call us a cab for 7:45 am and that time came and went with no cab. We had an 8am appt at the clinic. There is never anyone at the reception because they live next door. We figured this out last night. So Ryan went down to the restaurant to find someone to call a cab for us. Well 15 min later still no cab. One eventually came but we ended up being almost 30 min late to our appt. Lesson learned, call our own cab.

First stop was the 3rd floor for intralipids. Of course they had a problem finding my veins the first few times. The nurse ended up not being able to do it and she called for a more experienced person to come try. After several minutes she finally got it and she started the drip. The room where you get it done has two comfortable beds. I laid down and got comfortable. Ryan set next to me and we set up the tablet and watched a stupid Ben Stilled movie. It took about 90 minutes.

Next stop was our first meeting with our doctor. He was very similar in his consultation with us to what we have heard from other doctors back home, just in a very thick accent. Our doctor is Dr. Milan, second from the right on the top row. Our coordinator is Anna, bottom row far left.

After we met with the doctor we did an ultrasound. They wanted my lining to be between 7 and 16. My lining was at 11.5. He found two cysts in my cervix but he said that wouldn't interfer with the transfer. Ovaries were ok and there was no fluid in the uterus so we got the green light to transfer.

Next was a consultation with our IVF coordinator. This is who I have been emailing for the last several months so it was nice to finally meet her in person. She gave us our next medication schedule. And our schedule for tomorrow.

Great news is I don't start PIO yet, they want to check my blood before the transfer after being on progesterone suppositories and oral pills first and see what the levels are. So 4 more days without PIO. Best news ever!

Our donor had her final exam yesterday and she was at good numbers so she triggered last night for retrieval tomorrow. Ryan does his part between 8 and 9am and then the ER. We will get an update that night and another one in the morning with our transfer time.

After all of this we are exhausted and going to take the day off from traveling. We asked if there was anywhere to walk around even and the answer was no, this is an industrial town. They directed us to a zoo, but living in San Diego and having access to one of the best zoos in the world, I think we will pass.

Also everyone keeps telling us the cabs and the people at our hotel speak perfect English. We haven't really been able to communicate with anyone at all. As I am writing this we are still having issues trying to get a cab.

Tomorrow we leave for Vienna and we are very much looking forward to it.

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